Really Small Town (press release)

Press Release

“Really Small Town” the first single from: One Eyed Oracle of Oshawa, On, CAN

Canned Light Records happily announces a debut release of “One Eyed Oracle”, titled “Really Small Town”, Co-Produced with multi gold record engineer and producer Jeff McCulloch of Wellesley Sound, Dirty Dancing, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, and orchestration by Dr. Tom (Gannon) Hamilton., w/ Matt O’Rourke on percussion (Jack DeKeyser, Chris Barclay, Anathema’s Blessing), featuring the vocals of Kalask, and written, arranged, produced, w/bass, guitar, vocals by Boris Rene Buhot, formerly of United Truce.

“Really Small Town,“ is a cerebrally crafted, melodic, reggae grooved, classical, traditional, folksy, urban rap, alternative woven construct at 3min:53sec. Boris Buhot is a long time alt-grunge-indie Canadian musician songwriter with influences from Punk to the Beatles, who has been prompted to answer a silent question when hearing of Bayer Pharmaceutical’s action to purchase the Monsanto GMO proliferate and glyphosate producer three years ago. A merger, unthinkable at the time, due to incredible conflicts of interest, but since, has not so incredibly come to fruition during the making of this song. In this one tune Really Small Town, we hope to address the mass confusion between life’s subtle and glaring double standards. During this three-year project, Toronto became a magnet that brought together the talent pool, by complete shear accident, in order to produce this simple original track at this one complex moment in history that manifested into the vision first intuited. Enjoy!

Boris’ last work 1041, by United Truce was played across North America from KALX to CHRM and charted at University of Toronto’s CIUT. This time, Really Small Town foreshadows the coming of a full-length album by One Eyed Oracle, tba within 2 months. About the re-branding… “I needed a new title for all this new energy, so just before I awoke I heard the words, directly within my waking subconscious, “one eyed oracle.” I googled the name, when exactly 41 references showed up, the correlation to the dream I initially had heralding 1041, came to full spectrum, the God’s were indeed smiling on the shift, and the rest is herstory.” BB

Please contact us for a free high quality 320 MP3 copy of Really Small Town, if not in-house. Any interests in interviewing the artist, recording a station ID, or in reviewing the upcoming album, just let us know. We love praise, and constructive criticism too, and if we can do things better let us know. We appreciate your time.

Many Blessings, thanks for listening, and a Happy New Years to You and Yours,
Boris Rene Buhot

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